Hi All,

Got a bit excited and had to share, following an excellent recommendation from here i have been in talks with Prizeman at eternal art and he can fit me in in about 8-10 weeks depending on day and size etc etc.

I just have to decide which piece would suit his style best, he does a lot of portrait work in both colour and black and grey though i think colour is a particular talent of his, i dont have a portrait style in mind (though it seems a shame to waste that opportunity) so im thinking of getting him to do my phoenix though i need to decide on exact placement.

Im very excited that i finally have a closer deadline to work with, im looking at a much further deadline with bez so at least i can sink my teeth into another project in the meantime. If anyone has some other suggestions then feel free to put them forward. Im looking for colour and i either want my phoenix or some kind of decoration for my script on my ribs (in my album) i just want really feminie, pretty things (i know that sounds really trite! lol) i was also considering orchids or moving onto my foot but never really decided what i wanted on my foot. To be honest i didnt expect a response, certainly not this quick and definitive so now i just need to take all the things in my head and put them into a cohesive design! Please remember if you want to make a suggestion that i am saving all my back space for bez as although it wont fill my WHOLE back i want to leave bez with a completely blank canvas to work with.

here is his online portfoio on facebook, the one on the eternal art website doesnt actually work as they are relying a lot more on their social networking sites now 🙂



Wow, some really nice work and as you said it would be a shame not to have colour as they all look awesome!

Congratulations! and cant wait to see what you get done!

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Top stuff, he’s an excellent artist 😎

Tattoo: A permanent reminder of a temporary feeling.

From the Urban dictionary

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had a really good conversation with him today, we’re toying with the idea of giving him my right side to jazz up some decoration around my script and he’s gonna put together some ideas, i told him i was happy to give him free reign design wise and just gave him a few things that appealed to me as a reference point and he’s gonna have a play around and get back to me and then pop something in the diary, really pleased! i’ll let you all know what we come up with! 😀 x


Really, really exciting! So happy for you! Congratulations and can’t wait to see pics later on! :):):)


Wow, I can’t believe I haven’t seen this guys work before. How exciting, you must post pics 🙂


will do, we’ve decided on birds to continue my theme and now we’re pretty much thinking, sod it we’ll do the phoenix i wanted here rather than trying to find something else. exciting stuff! 😀 will post pics as we go as soon as i have something solid, will keep you all updated on dates 🙂 x


Quick update, we’ve decided on a bird of paradise on my left side, gettin the deposit in to him next week and should be going to see him in 6 weeks, exact date pending… Very very excited! Not for the rib part, not looking forward to that again at all lol but when it’s done I just know its going to be an outstanding piece of work that I will be proud to wear 🙂 x


That sounds like an awesome idea. The pain is part of the fun and is always worth it 🙂 Post some pics whenever ya get finished. Good luck!


Congratulations on getting the appointment. His work looks fantastic and look forward to seeing pics of the finished art.

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