I’m about to get quite a bit of ink. After a recent MRI I was warned that some inks are problematic. As a customer are there certain brands of inks I should be asking for or alternately brands I should be asking not be used on me?
The colours of interest are Red (bright red) Yellow maybe some orange and black In a few weeks time I will be interested in the blues greens, violets and maybe some white?
Does availability in countries vary, do the Brand names change for the same ink between countries. I have the highest regard for my tattooist, but sometimes shops attempt to control things like consumables. I just want to ensure I’m getting the best possible and there are many ways of getting around shop rules if need be. If you saw my drawing abilities or more the lack thereof, it would be apparent I’m not trying to start up a backyard shop, but be an informed customer. I realise tattooing at the end of the day is commercial proposition and some studios maybe inclined to chase that little extra, as I assume the best inks cost the most.


A quality artist should always be using quality ink, because they want their work to speak for them. Therefore, I should think that if you focus on finding a proper artist, you should have no problems with ink.


Eternal……..some bright red from Skin Candy………a few from Intenze………if I see anything else on a tattooist shelves Im out


I use a lot of the above. I also use some other pigments. For me, some go in and heal more solid than others. I do however use inks from the best companies and only from suppliers who sell to legitimate artists. My suppliers basically did a background check on me to make sure I was legit.

Mrchen- You’d get up and leave from my booth, but I still use tried and true, quality inks.


if I saw a good mix I wouldnt,
I understand though, from an artists viewpoint, that certain colors from certain brands (maybe not one mentioned) go in well and show well later, I have no problem with that

but when I look at a drawer of their inks, I want to see good stuff as the base

like starbrite white, I didnt mention it, but it is the best white in the business, their other inks arent bad, just like eternal better

and skin candy, man they have some shit hot reds and a couple blues, the rest most people I know dont like, but those few, aw yeah, good stuff

alaprima is another up and coming, by john montgomery and joshua carlton, only seen a few pieces, but looks very nice, need to see more people use it

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