Has anyone else noticed the sudden trend in people (mainly women) having the word ‘Barbie’ tattoo’d on their body in pink.

I went into my piercing/tattoo studio to pick up some studs and there was a girl who was just getting her tattoo finished…needless to say it was the word ‘Barbie’ and it was HUGE! It went from just above her pubes to her belly button and right across her stomach!

Therefore I have 2 questions.

1-If you were ‘hooking up’ with this girl and were about to do your thing with her….how would you react to that tattoo?

2-Why do you think there has been a sudden trend in them?

Just a bit confused about them if I’m honest 😛


From a mans point of view it is probably quite cute and sexy BUT its still a tacky tattoo, men just arnt that fussy and probably wouldnt care what the tattoo was lol


I have to say I haven’t noticed this trend.
If I were a guy I would probably think it was a little weird. Heck, I’m not a guy and I think it’s a little weird, and this is coming from a previous die-hard Barbie lover.




I haven’t seen anyone with that tattoo (so far). I’m not a guy so I can’t comment on what I would think from a dude’s perspective, but from a female perspective I think tatto’ing the word “Barbie” on yourself is a bit conceited and egotistical.

I mean, why else would you get it, other than if you thought you were perfect like a Barbie doll? Either that or you’re obsessed with collecting them or something… =/


Quite honestly, once I’m in the position to see that ink, I promise you, I have something far more pressing on my mind than her poorly thought out tattoo. And I’m not going to mention it afterwards because I’m going to want round two.

Just sayin.

Love. Peace. Metallica.


I agree it is tacky and one that will probably be regretted later, but once I am there Im not going to stop snacking to read the graffiti


I think I’ve honestly seen more cars with “Barbie” on them than girls. That being said, if it was a smaller tattoo it wouldn’t be that bad.

Morwin Nerdbane

I’ve not noticed it either.

I’m a chick but I’d probably judge a guy for having a shit pre-pube tattoo.

I think the fad at the moment is more cutesy tattoos than just barbie. Anything childish seems to be in; Care bears, my little pony, barbie, Disney princesses, Strawberry Shortcake, cupcakes, sweets …..that kinda thing.

I think because they’re often colourful pieces and very feminine (odds are you aint gonna see a dude covered in care bears) girls that are new to the world of tattoo feel safe getting them, whether it’s due to preconceptions of tattoos being masculin or what, I don’t know.

Either way (and I NEVER say this kinda thing) she’s gonna look awesome at 80 with Barbie across her belly. ROFL


I have to admit I MUCH prefer a woman with a ‘proper’ tattoo like a dragon, or Japanese tree, or something substantial, a large piece all down one side or whole leg. A woman with some balls! (not literally hopefully lol), rather than small tattoos, but that’s just me.

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