Ok, so I have some questions for those of you who have experience with tattoos at conventions. I am considering attending and getting tattooed at a convention in April. The design placement will be on my left ribcage and will be fairly large, I expect that it will take anywhere from 3-5 hours to complete. I guess my main question is how painful is it really on the ribs? I currently only have tattoos on my upper arms and none of those were unbearable. One of those sessions was 6 hours straight. Aside from the pain aspect what else can you expect when tattooing at conventions? Are there any sanitary concerns? I assume the health department still has to inspect the booths?
I know some of you will say to talk with my artist about my concerns and I am going to tomorrow actually, I just wanted to hear some of your convention experiences I guess. Plus I’m really bored here at work 😀

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I don’t have any rib tats, but many people consider it to be one of the most painful areas to get tattooed so I would count on it being pretty damn painful unless you’re 400 lbs and have a good 6″ of flesh between the outside world and your rib cage.


I’ll tell you Thursday as I am having 3 hours done on ribs!