Oh Jess, that’s so sad 🙁

Your family member shouldn’t be tattooing fruits at his skill level, let alone people. Don’t believe a word he tells you. The only thing you did wrong was trust him to do a good job. How that thing looks is completely his doing.

Here’s how it could (is supposed to?) look. You see how his doesn’t come anywhere close to being anything good:


Your tattoo looks like crap because of the incompetent artist, not the amount of ointment you used. However, you are also to blame for allowing this person to tattoo you in the first place. I hope is was worth whatever money you saved, now you can already start thinking of laser and cover up. Sorry to be piling on here but it’s amazing how manypeople come on these forums with horrible, infected looking tattoos because they let a friend or family member tattoo them. I hope it all works out in the long run and I hope you learned a lesson and spread the word.


Getting a good tattoo from a good artist is worth waiting / saving for. Please remember that when trying to have that fixed.

Jesswilliams82;106675 wrote:
This is a pic of it .. There is still a scab on one of the roses and 2 small ones on the bottom of the heart


Lol, awesome…

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