Hi everyone,

I’d like some help further developing my idea for my first tattoo. I’m sure there are plenty of these threads started very often, however I understand that a tattoo artist is a professional, and I do not want to waste there time with a vague idea. I would like to have a very solid idea of what I want done before I book an appointment.

At the moment, what I would like to get is the phrase ‘Through hardships to the stars’, wrapped around a person (gender undecided) on their knees, with their hands together in a somewhat praying position, looking up to the sky. This will be on the top of my arm, where a sleeve might start I guess you could say. At the moment I have no intention of continuing this to a sleeve. Do you think the top of the arm is enough room for what I have planned?

I have seen quite a few tattoos with the same phrase, often in the latin form ‘Per Aspera Ad Astra’, however it has it’s own personal meaning to me and I am happy with that quote.

What I need help with is some more specifics about the ‘person’ around whom the writing will be placed. As I mentioned above I have a general idea for how I want it to look, but I’m really looking for some advice from those with experience about how an artist might portray that this person was fighting a battle, going through hard times, but knew that there was something better on the horizon.

It is important to me that it is more than an image… I really want the artist to bring the emotion to life, and I would love any ideas on how he or she might accomplish this, so I might better understand how to explain it to them when the time comes.



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