In April of 2010 I underwent 35 rounds of breast radiation and the tattoo I have on that breast faded terribly. I would like to have it covered but I am unable to find any information as to the challenges, if any, tattooing irradiated skin might present. The tattoo is high on the breast above my mastectomy scars but was directly in the radiation field. The skin has healed completely but I do still have a “tan line” from the experience.

My doctor says it should be fine considering they tattoo nipples on irradiated breasts all the time. I’m here for a second opinion, so to speak, from the tattoo professionals who may have practical knowledge of how irradiated skin responds to tattooing.

Thank you for your attention to my post, and ladies….check your boobs!


I would go to a tattoo artist to get more information


I wouldn’t think it would be a problem. I remember a story of a tattoo artist in the Seattle area that specializes in tattooing over mastectomy scars. I remember her quote of some thing like that she loved turning something so ugly to something so beautiful. Good luck. congrats on being a survivor.

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