Just wondering what everyones opinions on Neck Tattoos are? And is it really that impossible to find a career with them if it’s NOT in the tattoo industry? Anyone have them and feel like they have been specifically not hired for them? Or for visible tattoos in general?

I personally think that traditional style neck tattoos are classy. Just on the side of the neck.


I think when you move to the neck and the hands, you are classified in a league of your own. I know artists that refuse to get their necks and hands done. I’m in the food industry and have never had any problems with getting hired because of my tattoos. There are definitely a lot of blue collar jobs that you can thrive in with visible tattoos, and some white collar places are getting more laid back too. I think it also depends on where your located, the middle of the country for instance seems to be a little behind.

All in all, a neck tattoo is no different than any other tattoo; it either looks aesthetically pleasing or like shit. The fact that it’s so close to your face just means, it better be well done because everyone can see it.


I dont hava a neck tattoo but on my job two of my bosses have tattoos on both hands and neck. I know that when our new VD started he didn’t like it and made them wear clothes with long arms and wanted them to cover their neck tattoos with a shawl. But he is old, or more like middle age, and not from our town. But after a while he got used to it and let them use the same clothes that everyone else at work have.
I don’t really know if u will be treated different but I know that in my town (Luleå Sweden) is neck tattoo really common and no one really bothers if you have them.
I really like it if its a classy, good looking tattoo 🙂


I think above the shoulders is a bad idea, unfortunately we live in a world where you’ll be limiting your job options with a neck tattoo. Quite often they look bad too, but I’ve seen some good ones around

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Im planning to get something big and colorful on the left side of my neck soon well when i find something i really like

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A neck tattoo is definitely something I am planning to do at some point. I think they can look very classy. I realize there may be some issues, but it is something I want to do. I guess for the younger people out there just getting started in careers and all that sort of thing, it could be a hindrance. As the previous have stated, it will depend on where you live and what sort of work you want to do etc. Here where I live, it is frowned upon to have such a visible tattoo or any tattoo at all for that matter, but who cares! Just take your time and weigh all your particular factors and then make your decision. I’m sure it will be the right one! :):):)


I think only posers get neck tattoos unless the rest of you is full. You see all these punks walking around with neck tattoos and its there third or fourth tattoo. If you are getting a tattoo to be bad ass well sorry you will never be bad ass.


Getting a tattoo to be a bad ass is never a smart idea, I think that’s why so many people get tribal.

I love art and design, and for me, I think that a nice neck tattoo is classy, but like I said, I really only like traditional style tattoos as neck tattoos. I just hate having to hide my tattoos in order to keep a job.


I have a Jones for a Lotus flower on the nape of my neck. My hair will cover it…

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