El Borracho

When I was much younger I got one of the obligatory punk tattoos, the black flag bars. If you’re not familiar they look like this… http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_tXgfEoD10ck/TPgzXKPd-XI/AAAAAAAABkA/e10sf0WSFgs/s1600/black_flag_bars1.jpg

I’m looking at getting a job in which the employer might consider that an anarchist/extremist tattoo and therefore make myself ineligible(they will be checking too). So what I want to do is get it covered up with something, it’ll probably have to be solid black, maybe a silhouette or something like that. Maybe even incorporating the current tattoo into it? I’m not asking for anyone to draw anything up, my friend is an artist and he’ll draw it up himself, just looking for ideas but can’t come up with a lot due to the size and color. I’m really not even all that concerned if it’s a cool design, although I’m definitely not opposed to one.

They’re centered on my upper arm, and that arm has nothing else on it. The tattoo measures roughly 2.5″x4.5″

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, so thanks in advance.


Laser that bitch and a whole world of options opens up to you. Add more black and you’ll only make it worse.

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