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Im finding it very hard to believe that all of those tattoos were done by the same person… there is is a significant difference in ability between one tattoo and another and none of them are anything to shout about so if in fact you ARE stealing other artists pictures to pass off as your own, you could have picked better ones!

hello no all this tattoos are mine I dont have reason stealing other artist work…I wrote i am a beginner I know that I need lots of work I am not telling that is good i take every advaces…You can check my profile on FB is Maxi Max is there even comments people which I have tattooed. I came here with all my humility…
I came for this forum to meet anothet tattoo artist talking about tattoing…

to DavidJednat yes i wish same but intuitive what you wrote 9 months I am doing…going on conventions, meeting another tattoo artist talking with them, visited studios…I am from Slovakia but actually living in Spain so just little bit difficult for me try to improve English and learn Spanish


You have no right to be tattooing anyone, you don’t know what you are doing (clearly) you should be working as an apprenticeship before you fuck up more people’s skin. Do it the right way bro. That’s my advice.




What a great post!
Thank you for your advise!


just checkĀ 


Here is a good video I filmed explaining what its like to be a tattoo artist !


An increasing number of individuals have been planning on becoming a tattoo artist because apart from offering exceptional opportunity to earn enough money, through this particular profession, they can also meet people from different cultural background every day. The author has provided solid advice, following which anybody can etch designs on skin.


Enjoy watching and give me your thoughts.


Thank you so much for this post!

I have a qiestion though. Please forgive me my lack of knowledge even if I will sound like a complete idiot..but I just really need to know the answer. That will be an incredible help and i will be very very grateful.

My question is about a portfolio for apprenticeshi