Hello. I have this tattoo on my leg.

I wont do the opposite side to cards – behind this arm (last photo). I have some idea. Behind this arm I will do Las Vegas neon and maybe poker chips on bottom of this tattoo ( I must cover this old spider). Maybe you have any idea how I will do this best (vertically or horizontally) . This all tattoo was made in poker style. Maybe you have any pictures with good las vegas logo or maybe you have another idea. The size of this new tattoo part will be that big how many you see my leg on last pictures (this will be symmetrical with opposite side – cards).
This photo don’t show good colors but this cards are black and white ink and red symbols. And on this moment I agree only on this three colors. I love white ink:)
Thanks and I waiting for any conceptions.

This is some my ideas and pictures.


I really don’t have any great ideas for you, but your work looks great. The face cards kinda look like a negative photograph, very cool. Who is your tattooer?



dude,,,,,,,,,,you have cool ink

there has got to be something better than those vegas postcards…………..?????


This tattoo made artist called ZAPPA. He working in his studio in North part of Poland. Really he is amazing. True artist. This photos aren’t show true effect of this tattoo – this negative is master’s work.

Ok I still waiting on any ideas. Of course this Las Vegas logo it is only my idea and I’m open to new concepts.:)

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