The Sneakiness

Hi all.

I have the following tattoo on my arm which was done a year and a bit ago and I’m not sure what happened during the healing process but it seems to have “bled” into other sections and even some of the ink has faded.

When it was healing I did lose a fair bit of scab and alot of it contained a fair bit of ink.

Now I know that the lines can be redone/thickened. What I want to know is can a cover up be done? Dodgypic below but basically it’d need to cover that one side of my arm.



just about anything can be covered up . . . it just depends on what you want to put over it, and how good the artist is performing the magic (or botching it). You need to do a lot of research, so good start.

What part of the country are you in, and are you willing to travel to get it done right?

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