I am new to the forum tonight as I wanted to get some advice about an idea I have for my latest tattoo. I thought I’d be best joining a forum and getting real advice and opinion from people who know what they’re talking about rather than trying to find my answers through Google *(other internet search engines are available!) :p

Basically I would like to have the words ‘always and forever’ tattooed on the inside of my ring finger as a symbol of my recent engagement.

I have heard that hand tattoos can be one of the hardest to heal and keep looking good due to the regular use your hands get. Does anyone know if this is the case and if so any tips on how to keep a tattoo on a finger looking great?
Also do many studios offer hand tattooing? I know previously some places wouldn’t do tattoos on hands or face etc but as this has become more popular now I wondered if it was more widely available? If anyone can recommend a studio in Derby that will tattoo hands I would appreciate it.

Any other advice will be appreciated!




if iv got this right you want it running from knuckle to finger tip? there is noway your fingers are long enough to have it dont so you can read what it says


Welcome to the site. You want it on the sides of your fingers right? Always would have to go on one side and forever on the other unless you have monster fingers. One of the reasons finger and knuckle tattoos look bad is b/c people get them too small. And the other reason you have to go to a good tattooer that has done hundreds of these tattoos and knows the tricks so they don’t blow out. With that being said it leads to your last part on “will someone do it?”. Sure there is always some dumbass tattooer who will do someones hand, fingers, neck, face, etc for visual tattoos without a fair amount of the rest of their body covered. And the tattooers who you would want to do a good finger tattoo more than likely won’t do it out of respect for the history, stigmas, and plain respect for tattooing in general. There are tons of people walking around with visual tattoos and no leg, front, and/or back pieces covering large amounts of skin. Times are changing and yes there are less social stigmas and work related stigmas with this but don’t be one of those people. You have enough common sense and respect to sign-up on a forum and ask so how about putting the tattoo elswhere? This is said in the most respectful way by the way and I hope it is useful?!?


my brother has forever on his ring fingure. he has had it touched up once before and it is fading again. if you look closly at the side of your fingure you will see that your fingure print actually runs pretty high up the side. that skin regenerates over time pushing or fading the ink. it fades more towards the center knuckle and not so much by the web area.. now for the sarcasm… your name is jen? so you are of female descent. that meens your heart and emotions are fonder and stronger then your man. your heart might be forever, but who knows about your potentuall futere ex-husband. divorce rate is at slightly over 50% for last year. that meen you have a 50% chance of regretting that fading tattoo with in 7 years as thats pretty much as long as half of the marrages last. good luck


Hi, welcome. While I was sitting at my last session, a guy came into the shop and asked my artist about getting a tattoo similar to yours, banding around his ring finger. My artist really stressed the fact that tattoos in that area fade very fast due to the friction caused within the fingers.

I am not sure if this is completely true or not, but that was what he said, and I find him to be a very knowledgeable tattoo artist. I hope this helps any.



Whilst it is very romantic I have seen loads of finger tattoos and they always end up the same – in need of serious care and re-inking.

The skin on the hands sheds very fast forcing the pigment to lose vibrancy and fade very quickly. They often require a touch up every 1-2 years. They are also prone to blow outs unless done by a very experienced artist.

If you go too small they blur (as all tattoos do with age as the scar tissue holding the pockets of pigment erodes as the body is constantly trying to flush it from your system) but with them being very small they become an unreadable blob.

The way round this is to go much bigger but much more visible.

I would strongly recommend another form of tattoo or placement away from the hands.

Take care

The only difference between a person with tattoos, and a person without is this. The person with tattoos does not care if you do not have any.