Heading there next week and want to get my first tat – perhaps a tiger with some script on my forearm. I was thinking of going to Arjan Noo (did Angelina and other celebs), and perhaps could have even convinced myself to pay his outrageous $2000 fee (after all, a tattoo is for life), but it seems that people have nothing but bad things to say about him these days: the words greedy and rude keep coming up over and over in many reviews. I’m not saying that he isn’t a great artist, but I doubt his work is really visibly better than that of other top masters who probably charge 1/10th of what he does, and are probably a lot nicer as well. Anyway, that being said – who should I see in Thailand to get some top work done?

P.S. I’m also heading to Hong Kong after, and will want to get something done there too. Any suggestions for top HK artists while we’re on the subject?





I am at work at mo but if you search Hong Kong Tattoo Tour I hit a number of studios couple of decent gems in there.

Take Care


Chad Koeplinger, who is amazing, was over there and may still be out that way?????? Check his blog.


Hey if you’re coming to Chiang Mai check out Panumart Tattoo. My wife and I own it. She is one of our artists. The link to our shop is in my signature, but you can check out the artists’ work here. If you’re interested then send me a message. My name is Ryan.

Have a great time in Thailand!

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