alright people this is my first post

basically i had a few random pieces on my arm from my younger days that i wanted covered up and into a jap sleeve . i searched high and low in my area and found an artist who did great cover ups .

booked up everything went well an the rest of what he done i like , nut i have a big lump on the inside of my arm of solid black with flowers round it and the inside of my forearm has a lot of black on it and i feel doesnt flow with the rest of the sleeve , never wanted anything to dark really.

so my question is ::: do some of these creams work

::: or should i look into the costs ect of having to have it lasered and then reworked ?

thanks in advance for any replies i can put pics up if needed



Pictures always help.


no problem will put up now , any advice on how to put the pic up ?? lool


i got pics on the computer how do i load them on here?


anybody bump??


I would use imageshack.us and then click the little icon with mountains when you write a reply and just enter the link to the image 😉


I dont even need to see the image.
Dont even go there with the cream, get lazer treatment


not worth doing no ?


Hi Dan

I studied this as part of my research the use of the cream would take years of use to get to the level that you are talking about on solid black pigment.

In essence the cream are a weak chemical peel of the skin and you then abraid (scrub really hard with a pad or similar and it will hurt like a bastard). This can take months of daily use before you would even begin to notice a change.

I am not saying that in the long term they do not work but look at it like this;

A Q-Derm or Q-Switch Ruby laser would take a min of 6-12 hits (with around a month between each session) to lighten the area enough to tattoo over.

You would then ideally need another 3 months of healing at least so that the next load of pigment takes.

If it takes a laser that can bombard the lower levels of your dermis this amt of time how long will it take a cream that will penetrate maybe 1-2 levels of the epidermis (top layer skin)?

Keep your money in your pocket and go for laser by a pro.

Take Care


Laser is what I do so if I can offer you any advice just ask.

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