I had my first tat this Thursday so the whole healing process is a new experience for me. Currently I’m on day 2 and the soreness has pretty much gone, just tender when washing and applying cream but needed 2 questions answered.

One, my tattoo is a solid black tattoo and its still oozing black ink, how long does the oozing last and will it affect the look of my tat?

And the second question is, because my tat goes from top of my shoulder to about middle of my arm, is ok to sleep on it since I have a habit of rolling onto my side and will it cause damage?


Hi and welcome

To answer your questions the oozing of ink should normally end within 3 days of the tattoo. This is because the wound has sealed up and starts to scab over to lock the pigment in place. (New skin grows over the wound).

The tattoo will not look as shiny once healed so the black may look slightly duller. This is normal because you are viewing the pigment through layers of skin on top.

Some touchups may also be required – again this is normal esp on big tribal pieces.

Yes you can lay on your arm – provided that you have sufficiently cleaned and creamed it and there is no fluff, dirt, or sharp edges in the bed.

Try not to rub the tattoo too much when it is peeling as may pull ink but normal rolls in bed should be fine.

Take Care

The only difference between a person with tattoos, and a person without is this. The person with tattoos does not care if you do not have any.

^^^ What he said!

I go out of my way to not roll over on it at night and I always leave it out to air at night but that’s just my thing. In Shrerav I trust.

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