Hey guys! Its real good to be here, this is my first post but i think i will fit in nicely here. Im moving here over from the tattoodles site, their isnt much going on over their, i need a bigger community.
My question is this.. I already have a very detailed tattoo on my throat above my collar bone, the piece goes from my chest, up my collar bone, and onto about halfway up my throat and all across my neck. The pain wasnt that bad, but this was awile ago so im not to farmiliar with the pain anyway, im simply stating that im not new to the general area of the tattoo.
I am going to be getting a fairly detailed black and grey tattoo under my chin, on my throat. The area thats right under the chin but still considered the throat i guess, kind of so you have to tilt your head up to see the tattoo. Im just curious if anyone knows about how painful this is, is it the same as a general throat tattoo? Its only about an inch, maybe 2 higher up then the tattoos i already have on my throat, im just not sure if i should expect the same ammount of pain that i recieved when i got my throat tattoo or its somewhat different being that close to the jawline.
Thanks for the help guys, and i will soon post up pictures of the work ive already gotten and introduce myself further in the proper areas around here.

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A friend told me that when he got his, the pain was definitely there but the vibrations from the needle was worse on the windpipe.

Hope that helps any.


Thanks for the info man.
As i said, i already have a tattoo that goes over my windpipe, this one will be just a bit higher up and will be going over my adams apple and everything else around above and below it, so im just alittle worried about those parts. Their isnt really any bone in your throat, but it is pretty much all muscle so its still not the most pleasant thing in the world but it doesnt hurt nearly as bad as say the hands or knees, both of which were one of my worst spots.


Sorry for the delay I was speaking with a Dr about throat trauma and the different effects that a cut (or tattoo) would have over the adams apple.

It was all down to the usual – everybody handles pain differently but interestingly he stated that the pain itself is not the most of the discomfort.

Apparently vibration over the adam’s apple can in some cause a choking (massively rare) or coughing effect (slightly more common) this is because when the vocal chords (2 strips of muscle behind the apple) are abducted (open) there is no vibration that allows us to breathe.

When they are adducted (2 strips closer together) the vibration allows us to make noise and speak but cuts the amount of air we have – this is normally not a problem.

However excessive stimulus on the area can cause a dry irritated feeling or cough – he stressed quite rare in tattooing but general swelling and discomfort swallowing is to be expected.

Take Care

The only difference between a person with tattoos, and a person without is this. The person with tattoos does not care if you do not have any.

Thanks for all that info sharav, its nice to know stuff like that.
I just got it done about 2 hours ago, i can veriffy that it did indeed hurt like a bitch, eventhough it was only about an inch higher then my throat tatto it hurt ten times more. The parts off to the side that arnt right in the middle hurt the most surpriseingly. Well, i shouldnt say the most, i mean hurt more then the parts in the middle over the adams apple and things of that nature. The part that hurt the most were the parts that came up to my jawline, it wasnt right on my jaw bone but boy did it sure feel like it. It wasnt the weird vibration feeling that got me, just the sheer pain. I have my knee caps done, hands, stomach, neck, chest, under my arms up to my armpits, all the areas that are common hurt spots, but this was definatily the worst spot to date. I sat for a llittle over 3 hours and got all of the outline done, and a bit of shading, i just couldnt sit any longer, im going to get it finished up in another session after this heals. I got Pride in nicely drawn (by my artist) letters that look somewhat curise, and graffiti-ish at the same time. My artist calls it “mexican graffiti” lol.
I have flames and my last name and some other stuff as one piece already on my neck that goes down to my chest and i plan on getting the work i just got done, shaded outside around the letters to break it up from the other stuff i have done.
I really need to get pictures up of all the work i have.


I didn’t find that mine really hurt as it was more uncomfortable. it was like being choked or at the dentist and wanting to swallow but you can’t really. The discomfort is worth it in my opinion.

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Denial;75246 wrote:
I really need to get pictures up of all the work i have.

Yes please 🙂

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