I got my first tattoo when i was 16, and almost fully grown in height, its was my the phoenix city symbol on my forearm right below the elbow joint. It hasnt stretched at all. my younger cousin is 16, 5’3 and really wants one bad. His only concern was the fact that as he grows (our whole family grows late) that the tattoo would stretch. He said he wanted his initials running vertically on his calf. I didnt know the answer, and decided its time for me to join a tattoo forum. Im kinda new here, and would really appreciate all the feedback i can get.


16 he will still be growing. Chances are that it will stretch, but something that simple would probably not look bad. Still, most places won’t tattoo under 18. If he really wants it than he can wait and do it right. Why would you put your own initials on your leg, unless he forgets them? Sounds like he want to get a tat just to get one. Not that thats bad, but they can tattoo almost anything these days.

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