In between tattoos, that is.

Right now I just finished my first piece (well mostly, I’ll go in for a touch up, maybe) and I really want to start my next. I’ve always fancied the look of lots of tattoos & I’ve been bitten with the bug, clearly. I’m going to at least wait until this is completely healed before I make an appointment.

How long do you usually wait to embark on your next tattoo adventure?

Do you wait because of money woes? Social pressures? Searching for the right artist? Or any other reason?


Well I have two others planned in my head, (both of them on my feet again!) but they are unlikely to ever come to fruition sadly. My boyfriend really doesn’t want me to get anymore, and whilst yes, it’s my body etc, he was really nice about me getting one despite not really liking them, so I feel respect for his opinion is important, and I am utterly in love with my current one.

If I WERE to tattoo my little dreams, I’d try and get one done this summer, because my favourite tattooist is the country for a convention so it’s a rare chance. I’ll just look through magazines instead I guess…..

Words may create rare images, within their narrow bounds
Twas speechless childhood taught me these, as music may, in sound

I have an idea, already talked to my artist but then our hours were cut at work so can’t afford anything yet………….starting to get withdrawal symptoms I think!


i have had waaaay to much chair time in the past year. between oct