So these are the ideas i have for two tattoos I want, I want the quote “Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit” in the koine (common) greek the new testament was originally written it. It will look like this: Πάτερ, εἰς χεῖράς σου παρατίθεμαι τὸ πνεῦμά μου
I want it wrapped around my upper right arm like an armband, just black text with maybe a symbol or an ancient roman nail inbetween the beginning and end of the phrase, on my inner upper arm.

Also, the second one I want may be the beginning of a backpiece or it may be alone I’m not sure yet, but I’ve always loved Egyptian wings, especially the egyptian sun disk symbol, which look like this:
I want to get it on my shoulders done in gold, turquoise and crimson (egyptian colors). Only, it’s a religious symbol and I am a christian and don’t really want the symbol of another religion on me, so I was thinking of being kind of original and replacing the sun disk in the center with a lotus, which signified rebirth and is applicable to me in more ways than one.
Here’s an example of the kind of lotus I want…
I had a great picture of the egyptian lotus that was symmetrical and would have gone great but I have since lost it, but the top of it looked like that ^ i think. Trying to find another similiar one…

What do you guys think of these ideas?


Well, I did up a quick design of the egyptian tat…


i love the egyptian wings idea… i really like the design you came up with too!! Very nice indeed!!

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