First of all, I’m very sorry if this is posted in the wrong section. This is my first visit so be gentle! 🙂

I’m a young man, and I got a tattoo some time ago! It seemed fine, but did not work out exactly the way I wanted, I was kinda adrenalin shocked and did not think further of it, but now something has to be done!

If anyone blessed with artistic skills and happens to be very creative, please give an input or if you happen to know someone that fancys drawing and would like to give a hand it would be godlike!

It was originally meant to look more like a maltesers cross, but hey, it didn’t end like it. It also seems “empty”, incomplete. Now i’m wanting it to look alot more like a cross, not the for religious purposes, but for the artistic. I know this can cause some complications to morons, but I’m ready to deal with it. I’m very open for any ideas, and also, the text “Aetas Volant” which is latin for “times passing by fast” (I don’t remember the exact translation to english, but it’s like that) does not need to be there, as it doesn’t really fit with the design, but I’ll let it be if thats the best solution of course!

here is a pic of it, best regards, Markus

Sorry for the bad quality. As for the tattoo looking uneven in each side is due to my body stretching.



That is fucking bad!
Listen, nobody here is gonna draw a design for you for free. I would go to the scratcher that gave you that shit and get my $ back, and use that as a deposit for a real artist to come up with some kind of cover.


Its not great but its fixable for sure.

Take your time to find the best artist in your area, take yourself into the studio and ask nicely if the artist would have a look and pass an opinion, go from there. If you have to wait 12 months for an appointment do it, the tattoo is for life waiting for a great one os always worthwhile.



The tattoo is completely fixable by an experienced artist. However you are going to have to seriously bolden the lines and add to it so it makes it a more prominent tattoo.

I would also advise maybe a cover up of the writing as that is going to be difficult to salvage.

Here is a link to hundreds of tattooed crosses it may inspire yours which can easily be added to.

Take the ideas to a pro artist and they will make that ink shine.


Take Care

The only difference between a person with tattoos, and a person without is this. The person with tattoos does not care if you do not have any.

Thank you for your answers.

I’ve made a dumb, if not terrible choice getting this. It can not be redone, but improved. I wouldn’t mind the text going away either. I’m very sad with this, and I will definitly take some time looking into Cross tattoos and take this to a guy others can vote for. I’m open for almost anything, so it shouldn’t be hard, but it has to look great too 🙂

Thank you!


I’d look up some good artists in your area and go to them directly and see what they say. A good artist can definitely fix it up, you just have to find a good one and show them the work you want redone. Good luck