Hi, there!
Few months ago i went to one of my good known friend, and she tattoed me.The tattoo looked well in the beggining but after healing it went horrible. And the problem is i don’t know if it is even possible to fix the tattoo like this.The tattoo is average-big on my shoulder.It looks just horrible.
I know i was stupid by choosing an unproffesional artist, i got lesson for whole my life, so please don’t start talking about that because there is no reason talking about thing i’ve got over and understood myself.
there also is a bit of scar on the wing .
And yeah wanted to ask this too: Would covering up this tattoo be easier than fixing it? i’m kinda confused.
so here is the failure tatttoo


I need to hear your suggestions, because i’ve never been in situations like this one.

And sorry if my english sucked.


ahh i just noticed i accidently posted it in the wrong section. sorry, please move it to the right forums


I think that you might be able to save it. The shading looks a light so relined and some shading should do it. Dont sweat it man, just find a good tattoist and they will be able to work with it. good luck and keep us posted.



Go to a good tattoo’ist as the guy above just said.. it looks a nice tattoo apart from the area you mentioned… so dont worry too much. I even thought it looked good before you said anything was wrong.



That is no where near the worst tattoo I have seen and can easily be relined and shaded to make it pop more. It is not that bad just needs a pro artist to do it some justice.

You def need some colour in there and see what can be done about the chin.

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The only difference between a person with tattoos, and a person without is this. The person with tattoos does not care if you do not have any.

i like the design its just a shame a scratcher did it .. im sure it can be fixed by a professional

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hey, guys
first, thanks for your replies

seond, i went to one of local tattoo masters, she’s pro, today i started fixing the tattoo, i might put the outcome here when it’s done.

chronicalsnow;66224 wrote:
i might put the outcome here when it’s done.

Please do, would be interesting to see! Hope it works out for you, but I agree with the rest, it didn’t look too bad to begin with 🙂


Easily salvagable in the hands of a professional. Keep us posted