I just a got a tattoo and the shading is a bit darker than I wanted, but once he started there wasn’t really anything to do about it. My artist said it would lighten, but I’m curious how much? In your experience, how much does it really lighten? Thanks.

BTW, it’s still bandaged now until tomorrow, so no pics for now.

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it will lighten up a lot. i wish i had before and after pics of my black and grey pieces to show you… but yea, it will get lighter, for sure.


Hi Louis

Black shade can lighten by upto a 1/3 after healing. It depends on the depth of the pigment and the type of pigment used.

Post up when healed itching to see it.

Take Care

louis0nfire;64900 wrote:
In your experience, how much does it really lighten?

My first and only so far:

Day 2:


Huge difference… don’t worry. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Sorry about the bad English, I hope I condone

ArniVidar;65122 wrote:

Wow thats a huge difference.


Thanks for the pics man!! I was also worried about the shading of my tattoo, and it’s one thing to read about how it will lighten up and it’s another thing to actually see the difference.

When was the second pic taken? I mean how long did it take for yours to lighten that much?


Quite welcome.

Actually, the second picture is taken only 5 months after I got the ink. I had been in the sun a bit over the spring/summer while swimming but very little direct sun hit the ink in that time.

ArniVidar;65122 wrote:

Wow! I am SO glad you posted these pictures.

I got a tattoo on my left foot about two months ago, and the artist managed to blow it out pretty badly. So I went to Elm Street Tattoo, home of Oliver Peck, and had Bubba fix it for me. He did an amazing job; he shaded in the hands of the design (its a claddagh with my family shield in the center of the heart). However, as of right now (2 days later), the hands look pretty dark…definitely darker than I would want permanently. He told me that the shading definitely would fade, but I was a little skeptical because my original artist lied to me about the tattoo being blown out.

From the looks of your before and after pictures though, Bubba knows exactly what’s up! Yay! I am so happy that a great artist fixed my tattoo and didn’t throw me any bullshit. Thanks again for posting these!


Well, different artists do different things with different inks, which in turn work differently on different people. Yours may not fade as much as mine or it may fade even more. As they say in the adverts, results may vary ๐Ÿ˜€

A good thing about ink, though, is that if it’s too dark you can always just tan it away ๐Ÿ˜‰

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