Hello, I want to have this tattoo on my wrist, but there is a problem. I don’t know what does the sign mean. I mean the symbols under the rose. If somebody knows the meaning of symbol, I’ll be glad, If u help me!



It is a Muslim symbol


LOL I was gonna say that if you don’t know what it is and means,maybe better to not get that tattoo.

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I believe it represents the Crescent Moon – one of the oldest symbols used in history. As opposed to the Sun, which was perceived as having male properties, the Moon as seen as being representative of the female side. The Sun, Moon and stars were seen as giving off energy that could be used and captured. The energy of the Moon related to intuition, compassion, and having psychic and intuitive abilities. It was not just a male and female thing – both genders use masculine and feminine energies according to ancient history. My best guess is that this symbol represents a commitment to use the feminine trait of intuition to guide one’s life – to go with what is in one’s heart and mind when making decisions. In effect, to do what one feels is right.

The Crescent Moon and Star is used by Islam and Islamic nations, not just the crescent moon.

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