So I have a tattoo I’d like to add to my arm and this one gets a bit personal so I want to make it perfect. I have a grandpa who passed 2 years ago and have wanted to get a tattoo to remember him for awhile now but never played much with the design until recently.

He owned his own vineyard, was not blood related but raised me, and has been one of the closest forms of family I ever had.

I have attached and quick scribble of an idea of what I am looking for but I am in no means an artist and really could use some help from anyone willing to spend the time.

Its a upper arm tat, or possibly my chest if I can squeeze it in there not sure yet. But I think i am set on the circular shape.
Id like to incorporate a grape vine and grapes, alone with some quote to tie in to family. (pref family who isnt biological seeing I have none) real simple design just not artistic enough to create. any ideas are more then welcome.

Thank you all

-Destro 😀



Hi, sorry to hear about the bad news of your grandpa even if it was 2 years ago, he would be really proud of you for getting a tattoo in he’s memory. You are actually best of going to the tattoo artist you are choosing to do your tattoo to also do the design for you. A lot of tattoo artists won’t work of somebody elses work and will draw up there own version anyway, It’s best to let your tattoo artist design it for you so it’s personal between you and him and you can change anything that need’s changing. Part of there job is to design the tattoo they are tattooing.

Good luck!


Thank you for the heads up! Ya I was working with my artist but sadly he also died 2 months ago and I live in a college town for school so I don’t know much about the shops around here. I will look around and do some research, I just figured I should try my luck online while i’m digging around.

Thanks again or the quick response I do appreciate all the help I can get.


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