Hi I am looking for assistance in getting a simple tattoo done.

I am looking for a symbol or representation, to mean the lost of a love one:
Without going into too much details I had a miscarriage.

I know a tattoo should have a personal meaning.
So was thinking of a rose bud or flower, that had not had a chance to blossom.

I am not sure what flower could represent this..?
Any suggestion?


A couple of questions. Are you married? Do you have any other children?
I like your rose bud idea but I think it would look funny all by its self. Assuming that you are married and dont have any other kids get to roses with the bud wilted. If you have other children put a non wilted bud in for each one.


This will be hard for any of us to answer. First, I’ll dispute your statement that a tattoo “should have personal meaning.” Some people believe that but I don’t. In your case, however, it might. I’m not sure about suggestions but I would just wonder if you want to get something to constantly remind you of the miscarriage? I’m not a woman and I feel for you but I don’t think I’d want to be permanently reminded of that with a tattoo, I”m sure it will be in your mind anyways. Maybe take a different approach and think of something dealing with life and what you do have rather than what you don’t.


I think a zombie fetus would be more appropriate.

Love. Peace. Metallica.


@Buttwheat: I like the idea of a wilted rose.., I will look more into designs.
You are right the rose by its self may not look right.

I was going to have a flower, with the date.
Not married, no other children

: you do raise good point. Without going into too much detail. I did some stupid things. Made some bad decisions, leading up to the unfortunate situation I was not myself.
And feel like I have paid a huge price.

Thanks for the infor so far.

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