Hi everyone, thank you for reading my post.

I’m new on the forum and looking for some suggestions for my next 2 tattoos; one on the shoulder and one on the ribs.

I want to dedicate one to my dad who passed away by cancer almost 6 years ago (don’t know why i waited this long). I love my dad but we didn’t get along very well until a few last months when he lied in the hospital bed. Maybe it’s because I’m the first son and as long as I got into my teenage years, I turned to be the person that he didn’t expect me to be, as well as my sexuality. So, I’m thinking maybe his quote about living life and the date when he passed would be a good idea to keep him with me. Or if you guys have other ideas, I’m open to that.

The second tattoo I want is to describe my self and relationships. It can be included FAMILY (mostly my mom, I could use a picture of her eyes), I moved across the world to live my dream and being away from home is very difficult and also a lot to worry since my mom is getting older. I like the compass( which means pointing to the direction but instead of Northern, it will be Family symbol); FRIENDS and my MARRIAGE is the second characteristic i’d like to put on, I like infinity symbol, or even double infinity; THE WAY I LIVE MY LIFE, which is do whatever makes me happy. I dare to dream and always try to find ways to live my dream. I APPRECIATE good people and things that come to my life. I am very fortunate to be the person I am today and I don’t regret the decisions I have made.

I love geometry tattoo. I also like glass wolf design and I don’t want tree figures.

i just don’t know how to put these things together in one or two tattoos. I appreciate all your help.

Thank you.

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