that looks very disturbing in a good way. Nice one;)


Oooh. I wanna see the finished one.. finish it already! 😀

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you could just dedicate a few pages of your notebook to drawing straightlines in different mediums if that’s something you struggle with? 🙂 finding a subject matter that you really like helps too, if you find it boring or uninteresting its very easy to get bored and therefore never get any better 🙂 feel free to post some sketches 🙂 i find that it helps to break things down into grids when copying other things if thats what you’re currently doing, like when i draw faces, i take a picture and draw a grid onto the picture and then copy it square for square, that way you see it as a series of shapes and lines (as david says) rather than “an eye”, “some lips” etc. give it a try and you’ll see what i mean 🙂 x


Here’s a new one. It might already be sold.


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Awesome stuff. This whole thread is full of great drawings/paintings. My favourite is probably the horseshoe with the rose or the mini koi/goldfish.


Some cool stuff. Especially the odd combos from the jar. Love the idea.
I am curious about your methods. Are your designs one try and done or are you the type to sketch then refine into a final or are you able to lay it out in one pass? Feel free not to answer. I know some people hold that kinda info close.
Either way cool stuff.


I’m pretty open about my methods. This one started as a quick sketch done in red pencil in an old sketchbook. I refined the line drawing with tracing paper then traced it again on to drawing paper with black micron pens. Then I built up the color values starting with the darkest colors and working to the lighter colors with Prizmacolor colored pencils.




It was kind of cool. I posted this on Facebook and 15 minutes later someone called the tattoo shop and booked an appointment with me to get it done. I love technology.

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@davidjednat on Instagram.