So I’ve been bouncing back and forth on what to do with my back. My primary goal is to add some artistic quality to my back piece, without making it look like random ideas mixed together.

I solved my artist issues with a previous post, which I really appreciated. I am trying to decide A) add some roses that compliment my tattoo or B) add roses and gladiolus cardinalis (I enjoy the meaning) and have them be a big part of the tattoo, rather than merely complementing them.

I am leaning towards just roses, because the gladiolus may make it messy with too much going on.

I am seeking advice on whether to go b/g with it, or color. I am also wondering where the rose/roses may be placed to go along with it nicely. I don’t have much artistic ability, so I was hoping somebody out there might have some ideas on what I could do with it.


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