I have always been obsessed with things medieval, like knights and warriors and stuff. My one tattoo idea is covering my entire one upper arm (maybe the main part of a sleeve) with a warrior of some sort standing tall and proud or maybe in an action pose that would actually fit, and then i guess the rest of the tattoo might be like scenary behind him, maybe it real dark times, so like a pile of skulls at his feet covering the ground.

Kinda hard to explain, hate when you have an idea in your head, cant draw it to save my life and best I can look for is google image search and nothing even remotely close comes to mind, does anybody have any sites or resources to maybe help me out? thinking along the lines of dark, gothic like, almost mcfarlane style artwork and it being a whole collage to cover nearly an entire arm.


Welcome to my nightmare. If you do find a way to get your image across, please share it. I’m completely stuck trying to get my medieval ideas onto paper.

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