It’s official folks, we are in August and we appear to be having some good weather at the moment; a perfect reason to get tattooed. We’d love to hear about your latest inkings on our forum or Facebook page. In the world of Tattoo News, this week Matt Damon and Jemma Lucy get tattoo tributes to their children, Matt opted for delicate script on his arm of his four daughters names in order of their birth. The ex- Love island star Jemma Lucy had her daughters name on her cheek, the star is often known for her love of ink.

Dedication to your employer taken to another level:

Nova Cafe located in Montana USA has had it’s employees all receive a tattoo that’s related to their work. A member of staff was in the kitchen one day when all of a sudden eggs and bacon landed in the shape of a skull and crossbones, this captured the attention of employees and this later became the restaurant’s logo with the tagline “Killer Breakfast”.

The employees are not ashamed of the idea, and many of us would think twice about getting our workplace tattooed on our body. The tattoos have helped to raise spirits among the employees, Nova Cafe is promoting tattoos in the workplace and which will help to make tattoos more socially acceptable for the workplace. 

 An unusual coincidence lead to developing an identity and branding for this restaurant, and the employees of the restaurant will be left with a permanent memory of the time working there, and they are showing their dedication to their job by having a tattoo that represents the Nova Cafe.

Why Lily Lu is currently in the spotlight:

Lily Lu is currently in the spotlight for their fully tattooed body, eyeballs and red dreadlocked hair. Oh, and they cut part of their finger off too. Creating videos on youtube explaining their lifestyle and breaking the boundaries of what is considered ‘normal’, Lily Lu is one to look out for. Their style is hard not to miss, with bright red dreadlocked hair and often wearing cat ears, Lily Lu identifies as non-binary. Lily Lu has been interested in tattooing and body modification for nearly all their life so as you can imagine they have amassed an impressive work done on their body. They have notable had swastika shapes on the back of their shins, which have been often mistaken for a logo that causes offence, when in fact these represents aspects of peace and love from Hinduism.

If you’re interested in vlogs, film making, or just general storytime videos with an alternative take Lily is what you need to see. They live their life perfectly accepting of everyone and do not see themselves as any different because of the tattoos. They reflect some very interesting morals which break against the social constructs of tattoos and extreme tattooed bodies being different or seen as lesser than. Lily Lu opens up on working freelance and balancing work time between working as a filmmaker and as an artist and giving up working as a tattoo artist to pursue a career in film making.