The UK is full to the brim with fantastic tattoo artists specialising in an array of different styles. With Instagram at your fingertips, it’s easier than ever to find your dream tattoo artist and with the UK being such a small country, it is likely you’ll be able to travel to your tattoo artist of choice. With so many tattoo artists out there we are spoiled for choice, so today we are sharing with you 5 UK based tattoo artists that you need to know about. As part of a new blog series, we will be looking into tattoo artists around the world and sharing our top picks with you. So here is the first segment of UK based tattoo artists and where to find them, of course.

Angharad AKA @ Lady Chappelle is based at the Painted Lady Tattoo Parlour in Birmingham. Angharad specialises in bold and super colourful Disney pieces. With her Instagram page full to the brim with these beautiful watercoloured pieces. Disney Princesses and adorable animals such as Bambi, Flounder and Marie taking centre stage on her feed. Lady Chappelle creates tattoos which are a Disney lovers dream and if you’re on the market for a tattoo, it’s a place you must visit. Currently, her books are closed (we are sad about this too) but it’s worth following her on Instagram to find out more.

If you haven’t heard of Rebecca Vincent you’re seriously missing out, trust us. Rebecca is a resident artist at Parliament Tattoo in North London and she specialises in blackwork illustrative pieces which are always jaw-droppingly amazing. From animals to floral pieces Rebecca goes from strength to strength, even the smallest of tattoos are filled with the innermost detail that most would struggle with. If you’re looking for a blackwork piece, Rebecca is an artist worth waiting to get booked in with.

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Keely Glitters is a UK artist based at Jolie Rouge in London who specialises in kawaii pieces of the glitter variety. With rainbows, Care Bears and doughnuts galore. If you’re looking for a girly one of a kind piece which features glitter within, head to London to visit Keely and get a bright kawaii piece.

Alex Wright is the owner of Grindhouse Tattoo Productions in Macclesfield, where he creates sensational horror pieces which look like they could literally jump out at you. With famous faces such as Jason, The Joker and Chuckie as well as a variety of old-style movie posters, these bold realism pieces are out of this world. His attention to detail is amazing, his work features lifelike lighting, textures, and blurred backgrounds to make the foreground of the tattoo prominent. If you’re searching for a horror-themed piece Alex is definitely the one to go to visit.

Little Andy is based at The Church Tattoo In Birmingham and is currently booking for November. If you are wanting a tattoo with Andy this year, you need to book in fast. One of the most interesting things about the work created by Andy is black backgrounds he usually uses makes the colour in front pop even more. With a variety of psychedelic pieces including sacred geometry, roses and skulls, plus a few Enstien pieces scattered around, if this is your thing you’re in for a treat.

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