3 of the most talented tattoo artists in Ukraine.

Ukraine is home to some fantastic tattoo artists, who are often unheard of. These artists have incredible talent, create truly unique pieces, and artists who dare to be different. This is an interesting perspective on tattoo artists from around the world and perhaps a chance for you to discover new artists and learn about them.

Nevesha Ulyana

In the Ukraine, tattoo artist found great success with her bold and striking minimal pieces. These drew a lot of attention on Instagram where the artist has amassed an outstanding 90,000 followers and counting. 

Nevesha creates tattoos that are minimalist, meaning they do not include much detail however the lack of detail in minimalist pieces is impressive and creative. Just like how some people will live a minimalist lifestyle where they proactively chose not to own a lot of possessions, minimalist tattoos are often comprised of lines and very little shading. 

Nevesha has tattoos which are purely just a line, and nothing more. These tattoos are striking and look great, it’s a daring design choice. The lines are also perfectly straight, which again goes to prove the skill that Nevesha has, as lines in minimal tattoos have to look flawless.

This art style is popular because of its simplicity, it pushes the boundaries of traditional tattoos by creating something which is almost the polar opposite of art style. Being different is often the way to succeed in life, and Nevesha has found her way to succeed by creating these minimal tattoos. Her work has helped her to gain her social media following who really appreciate her work, as well as working with Ukrainian Vogue.

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Dimitry Samohin

Contrary to minimal tattoos, there are many artists in Ukraine who create work that is extremely detailed and complex. Dimitry Samohin is an artist who creates photorealistic pieces, so realistic that his work looks like a photograph and not a tattoo. 

The level of detail that Dimitry can create is seriously impressive, and a lot of his work is large scale pieces. His talent is limitless as he creates portraits of people, animals, and surreal pieces such as a jellyfish shaped like a skull. His work is full of colour and packed with detail and shading which helps to create a realistic effect. What stands out about his work is that the colours he uses aren’t bright colours 

He has tattooed the image of famous rapper Eminem onto someone’s skin that is so lifelike it’s hard to perceive it as an actual tattoo. He is known for tattooing the faces of Native Americans, and capturing so much detail in his work such as the blemishes and wrinkles on the skin, as well as the light that bounces off the skin. 

With tattoos as detailed and impressive as what Dimitryi creates, he will spend many hours working on creating stunning work for his clients. He is an artist high in demand with a long waiting list, so if you’re interested in getting work done by him then it’s best to get in touch asap.

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Rit Kit

Artist Rita “Rit Kit” Zolotukhina creates tattoos in a unique way, and that’s true to nature and will capture a  unique shape and design with each tattoo. Rita uses real plants and flowers as stencils for tattoos. Every flower and leaf is different in some way, so every tattoo created through this method of stencilling is truly.

Rita would sketch flower and fauna for designs, but the artist wanted to get more out of her work. Using real flowers and plants as stencils in her work allowed Rita to create permanently unique tattoos and forever immortalizing the plants. For those who love nature, these tattoos are just right for you.

Her designs are realistic, with detailed lines and shading on even the smallest of leaves, Rita’s tattoos do not disappoint. Popularized by a minimal aesthetic, her tattoos go against the grain by bending the rules of a traditional stencil and what can be used for a traditional stencil.

We hope you enjoyed finding out about some amazing Ukrainian tattoo artists as we did, let us know where we should find our next tattoo artists.