If you’re looking for some truly creative and unique tattoo artists Leeds is the place to go. With a number of different reasons to visit Leeds, including the famous Leeds Festival which takes place in August every year alongside being known for the amazing buildings that Leeds has to offer. The city is also the third largest in the UK and is one of the fastest growing cities too. Previously we’ve written about some fantastic tattoo artists based in Stoke On Trent and decided Leeds would also be a great place to talk about the amazing tattoo talent. So here are 5 awesome tattoo artists you need to check out (once lockdown is over!)

Simon Hook- Doctor Inkwell

Simon Hook is based in Leeds and creates stunning tattoos in the form of cartoons and comics. His work stands out for being bold, colourful and truly one of a kind. Whether you’re looking to get your favourite video game character or a film star Simon will tattoo something beyond your wildest dreams.

His Instagram is filled to the brim with childhood favourites such as Sonic, Buzz Lightyear and a bunch of superhero to name but a few! Head on over to Doctor Inkwell to check out Simon’s amazing work.

Collette OwenArtist at Snake & Tiger Tattoo

Collette is an artist who is capable of creating tattoos in a variety of styles. She works for Snake & Tiger tattoo studio, home to several artists and a studio that happy welcomes walk-ins. Her style ranges from amazing western traditional styles to small and elegant feminine designs. Her tattoo work definitely reflects this style. Many of the images shared by Collette are smaller elements with very fine black and white lines, which are sharp and crisp.

You can tell that she cares for her work, delivers the best she can, and produces tattoo work that will last. As mentioned, Collette also works on traditionally styled tattoos and her work is bright, bold, and colourful.