The most popular tattoo trends of 2019 (so far)

We love to discuss all things tattoos (and piercings) here at The Tattoo Forum, whether we are raving about up and coming artists or sharing the news of the week. Today we are going to be sharing with you what appears to be some of the most popular tattoo trends of 2019. Which have been gathered from tattoo artists around the globe, news articles and the work that is shared with us. So without any further ado, here are 4 of the most popular tattoo trends from around the globe in 2019.

Hand tattoos

Hand tattoos have done a 360 in the last few years, at one point only the brave would get their hand tattooed due to the stigma surrounding inked hands. However, a rise in celebrity hand ink and the feelings towards tattoos rapidly changing. Tattoos are more popular than ever. Whether you’re looking at getting your whole hand tattooed, just a finger or both, the possibilities of hand ink are endless.

The rise in popularity of hand tattoos could be explained by a simple way to converse multiple images or meanings on one area of the body (e.g. text across knuckles) but there is also a number of celebrities who have recently had hand tattoos done. It has increasingly become acceptable for hand tattoos to be shown in the workplace.

Mac Miller had a Pittsburgh Pirates tattoo on the top of his hand, this was popularized by his fans and became an iconic tattoo. hand tattoos are popularised by many different social media influencers and celebrities.  Post Malone is notable for having an ever-increasing array of tattoos across his body, his hand tattoo of a brown bear has gained notoriety.

Watercolour tattoos

This year has seen the increase of watercolour tattoos, these tattoos are often very colourful and a different take on traditional tattoo art styles. Watercolour tattoos break the traditional styles by pushing the boundaries with design and realism. They mimic spray paint designs with blotted dots of paint and streaks of colour running from an image. These tattoos do not have borders or outlines on patches of colour, making them unique in a world of tattoos where colour is traditionally kept inside lines. We love this watercolour piece by Painting Isn’t Dead and the rest of her ink as she specialises in watercolour.

Detailed flower tattoos

Floral tattoos have never really gone out of fashion although they’ve evolved over time, now when you look at floral tattoos the depth to them is sensational, even when it comes to the smaller tattoos they still look amazing. It certainly takes a  talented artist to create work like these tattoos as the lines are flawless and striking. Traditionally, flowers symbolise love and the love between two people; however, these meanings are subjective and often dependant on the species of flower.

These tattoos represent fine art as they are dainty and appear delicate in design as the linework is always extremely realistic and fine.

Detailed flower tattoos have become popular in recent years through subcultures indie artwork on social media sites such as Tumblr or Instagram, inspired by musicians such as Morrissey, who would hold bouquets of flowers whilst on stage performing,  displaying the flowers as a portrayal of beauty and elegance.

Art inspired ink

Art inspired tattoos to take detail and realism to another level, we notably think of artists painting on a canvas and easel however now the skin is the artist’s easel. Tattoo artists have been able to recreate works of art by famous painters and create new ones too. These tattoos tend to be bold and eyecatching just like the one above from Jason Mccillen, the detail is insane. Another tattoo trend which has seen a growth in popularity in recent years, whether it is classic art pieces or modern-day era artworks, this is surely an eye-catching and unique form of tattoo artwork that will rethink the way we view tattoos.