New to the site, Looking for some good artist in Atlanta , some one recommended Danielle distefano over at Only You Tattoo, any input on her? Read some good stuff about her just wondering any personal experiences with her or any other recommendations. I’ve seen some of her work and it looks great. Just wondering, also have heard about Phil Colvin at Memorial tattoo. Any input would be awesome thanks all! It will be sleeve work, some portrait/traditional art.


Welcome to the forum, good luck in your search for the right artist!


anyone at all or nothing. anyone at ink and dagger. tony mancia.

yodaddynukka;115075 wrote:
anyone at all or nothing. anyone at ink and dagger. tony mancia.


… and mrchen will surely jump in with names of some of the lesser known artists since he’s a local. 🙂


anyone at all or nothing. anyone at ink and dagger. tony mancia.

Sonnenbrillen Sehstärke


What style are you looking for? I was at all or nothing recently, not impressed. It was a Saturday midday and noone was tattooing. Russ Abbott ink and dagger is great. As for tony mancia, he works out of a private studio. I recently enquired with his manager. Not taking appts till September then its a 14 month wait. He’s great if your into that surreal style.
Dave tedder at all or nothing is booked thru august. He’s really good and its not a crazy wait. Dave does half days for 500 and full days for a grand.


all the good talent left All or Nothing,
Dave Tedder is left, he is very good at certain styles, but he is slow and I dont think as enthused as he used to be

Tony Mancia is fantastic at black and grey, I dont really like his color as much, he is going to be one of the best on the planet, you might want to wait 14 months, he is kinda rigid, he wants to do what he wants to do, you can bring your idea, but be prepared to work with him,

russ abbott and ink and dagger are awesome, every artist is good!
new guy javier is relaly good black and grey and available

mystic owl tattoo in marietta is made up of some great guys that used to work at all or nothing
vince villavalzo, just did seminar at tattoopalooza in miami, 4 magazine shoots in the last coupole months, he is kicking ass, many styles,
he employs mike, lots of talent
and jace masula, very talented, just google

raiden alexander, lucky draw, new kid, couple years out of apprenticeship at all or nothing, solid artist, no wait

chris vennekamp, former all or nothing, now lucky draw, master of horror tatts, very good, been in lots of mags, cool guy

if you need more specific help just shout

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