well this is the story, you might have seen my other post about the bad tattoos i have got done. the maryjane tattoo i got is the worst looking one of all from the artist. so what i am looking to do is get it fixed up to look clean and professional or get it covered up with a hole different tattoo witch ever is the best option. so is there any artist on this site from south florida(miami, broward, palm beach)that is good at fixing these problems? because what i plan to do is fix or cover the three tattoos starting with the worst looking tattoo(maryjane tattoo). then once i get the 3 tattoos taking care of i plan on getting a half sleve done from you.


Tim Pangburn ROCKS coverups.

Check him out: http://www.timpangburn.com/


I realize I’m late to the party, but check the guys at Aces High Tattoo in West Palm Beach. I’m sure somebody there can help you.

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