I’m 17-years-old and I’ve been looking for someone to do a tattoo for me WITH parent consent. I haven’t found a place around here that would do it with parent consent because you have to be 18 in the State of Washington. Is there anyone that could do it for me or know of a place I can go to?

Thank you!!


You should really wait. You know nothing about who you will be later in life by 17. No offense to you, but even at 18 my first one was matching with the person I thought I’d spend my life with. Four relationships later I’m married with a child. Take mine and (most likely) the next poster’s advice and wait at the very least until you’re 18. I think they should raise the age to 25, but that’s just because I see too many kids with ink without meaning to them and South Carolina is brand new to legalized tattooing. There are too many people around here that just HAVE to get a tattoo because it’s legal now.

What do you want to get anyway?


i totally agree with eatatjerms, u should wait a bit longer, i always wanted a tattoo (from around the age of 14 or so) and i got my first one 2 weeks after my 24 bday.
if it special for u now then it still will be special if ur older

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