Instant Classic Tattoo in Lafayette, LA is currently looking for a permanent resident and/or guest. We are seeking an established tattooer who is enthusiastic about their work and growth as an artist. Must be driven, and have strong work ethic.

We provide a comfortable environment that contributes to creating great, original custom tattoos, with a strong focus on customer service. We are committed to creating a unique and memorable experience for each and every client.

Clientele is encouraged but not required. Any solid artist will make regular clients out of walk-ins in no time!

Great opportunity to relocate to the area!

No junkies, pillheads, rockstars, dramaqueens, thieves, or slackers..

Email portfolio and work history to mathilde.instantclassictattoo@gmail.com
Instant Classic Tattoo


I’m not a junkie, but I drink. I’m not a pillhead but I’m on heart & Cholesterol medication, I play the radio, but no instruments, Not into drama, stealing, or slacking off.

Too bad I’m not a tattooer. Just a collector.

It looks like you have a good thing going.

I hope you find a good one, keep us posted.

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