Well guys, seems I’m moving to London in July. I’ve been there a couple times before, had some piercings done there, so I know where to go when it comes to normal piercings.

but; Who are the best of the best in body mods? Both tattoos, implants, branding, scarification, the lot of it.
I’m planning to have implants done as soon as I can afford it, so it’d be nice to know who’s the best at it.
And the best tattoo artists both at bold and bright colour, more artsy stuff, and B&G. How are the prices in the UK? I know I know, they vary a LOT, but average price per hour. I’m used to about 100-150pounds an hour over here. Cheaper/more expencive?

And; Moving to London, I want to make friends! Best places to go? Nightlife, shopping, bars, cafes, all of that. I’ll be working as a bartender over there, so I don’t have the advantage of school and all that comes with it.
I know Camden, of course. I love that place. But best spots in Camden? Shops to stay the hell away from?

If anyone could just be a sweetheart and give me some of tips of what London has to offer a tattooed little girl 🙂



I can’t give you advice on the Tattoo’s etc, however i’ve i’m London born and bred!

Camden, as you say, is a geat place to go during the day or on a night out. Me and my friends like to go to Electric Ballroom on the weekend, or down by the lock theres a few good places. Lock Side Lounge is a nice place to have a drink on the weekend as is Ice Warf Bar. Prices are decent for a night out in Camden and it’s got a nice laid back atmosphere.

Now if you wanna do the whole touristy night out i’d definitley do Leicester Square atleast once. However, it’s obviously extremely busy and the prices are hiked. The Wetherspoons bar, I think its Moon on the Square, is a good place to start and then there’s places like Zoo Bar.

Otherwise I stay local to where I live. Personally I wouldn’t suggest going out in Wood Green. You should have a look round where you’ll be living when you get here i’m sure there’ll be decent places to go!


El Niño – The Kid

Thanks a lot 😀

I’ve done the whole turisty thing in London a couple times already, so I think I’ll pass on that ;P
Think we got over most of the “must see” places, but my boyfriend, who I’m moving with, has never been to London before, so I guess I can’t avoid it completely.

I’ve heared some great things about the Electric Ballroom, but never had the chance to actually go there.
So far, it looks like we’ll be living around Bayswater. I want to live in Camden, but it seems, so does everyone else. Really hard to find a place there. Give me a heads up if you know of anything ;p

Definatly looking forward to moving now! We pretty much just decided to actually do it, so I’m totally excited!! I’ve been around most of Europe, and London is the place that makes me feel most like home!


No one else from London around here?
I could really use some good advice… 🙂

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