I got this tattoo about 12 years ago and I want to get it covered. I stopped into a shop and the artist wanted to fill it in black and put flowers around it. I am hoping to get it covered and I was wondering if anyone thought this might be possible. thanks



I think you can get it covered. However, I’m thinking there may be some more creative ideas out there for you to consider. I’m not an expert and am new to the tattoo world, but it just seems to me you might ask a couple more artists their ideas. I am very sure there will be plenty of people on this forum who know way better than I, who will chime in and give you some good advice. I’ve seen some really well done & creative cover-ups. If I were you, I’d want to look around a bit more & not settle on the first artist’s ideas unless that is what you really were looking for in the first place. This was just my initial thought. Wait for the others to chime in! :):):)


guys like Vince Villalvazo in Atlanta at Myscti Owl Tattoo and Tim Phangburn in Phily are specialists in this area, either could cover this with world class trophy winning work………..check out eaither on the web, great guys, great work


You may want to consider a few sessions getting it lasered so it lightens up first. Remember, its just like a drawing done on a white piece of paper with a black marker. Try to do one and then see how you can cover it up. If its bigger than your thumbnail, you probably can’t. So then you end up with a gigantic black blob covering up whatever you didn’t like in the first place.

But, if you can get it lightened up first, THEN you have a chance to go over it and put somethinhg else in its place. Just like an eraser to paper. But, its not cheap and its sometimes painful. You can only get one chance at getting this thing re-done in another way. A bad coverup is REALLY going to be with you… FOREVER.

Lastly, get an artist that is actually experinced at doing coverups. Its a whole medium unto itself. Ask to see their work (before and after shots). It’ll be worth your while to get someone good.

Good luck with it! Let us know what you decide.


Looks like it could be covered. Please do your research in the artist because a cover up tattoo is even harder to cover up.

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