So.. I’ve read in some sites that green ink, treated with laser, will turn black.

Has this happened to anyone or has anyone seen it happen?

I have about two inches squared of green, mostly sea foam green with very little teal. What do you think/know will happen to it?



Are you just trying to change the color of your tattoo or do you not like the whole thing?
If you are just trying to change the color DO NOT do anything that was said in your previous thread.
An artist can change the color by going over it in most cases.
btw I love the bright green in my tattoos. Do you have a pic of the tattoo?


What buttwheat said, i also love the green in my tattoo’s.

Are you going to bark all day little doggy or are you going to bite?

I think we need to see some pictures at this point. We can help you much more after that.

Oh, and the laser doesn’t turn a color into a darker color. That’s just being silly.

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The green ink tattoos offers problem during the time of laser removing process. It is difficult to remove its ink. The green ink tattoos absorb only the red light laser and offer some pain. But the color does not change to black.

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