I have a very small (1/5 of a credit card, maybe less) black ink only tattoo just below my bikini line. I went for my first laser removal session a week ago and am wondering if it was done correctly. I’m in the U.S. and after browsing around here and other places it seems many people experienced scabbing, blistering and even noticed fading after the first session. Mine was a bit swollen for the first day and tender to the touch for 3-4 days after, but now, not even a full week later, it’s like I never had anything done and I certainly don’t notice any fading.

I’m very light skinned and it’s in a place that doesn’t get any sun. He used ice to numb the area and used the laser on the tattoo for about 5 seconds. He stuck a band-aid on, handed me some instructions that said to purchase a cream and keep it out of the sun and that was it. I paid $125.

I’m wondering if people who received a numbing agent other than ice (cream or injections or the cold air I’ve read about) had the laser concentrated on their tattoo longer and therefore saw more results. This guy wasn’t cheap I’m hoping he didn’t do a half ass job just to get me in there to pay for more treatments.
As it is, I was unimpressed with the office and will be going to a dermatologist for any successive treatments.

Oh, and is it true, that putting a longer length of time between treatments, gives your body more of a chance to heal and can lead to increased fading between treatments and therefore less treatments?

Thanks for any replies!


sometimes it takes multiple sessions to even get the black ink to lighten up even slightly.

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Sounds good to me.
The fact you had no blistering and no scabs is good news.
Most places use way to much power and all you get are scars.
You will notice some fading after 1 to 3 weeks.
I always leave 6 weeks between treatments to give the body the best chance of eating all that bad ink!
You are doing the work now so look after yourself lots of fruit and water.
When the treatment was finished was the whole tattoo covered with little spots like this?


The bottom half has had 1 treatment 6 weeks before the picture was taken, the celtic knot in the middle has had no treatment and gives a great idea how dark the rest was, the top half has just been treated.

I tell most of my customers that a day after treatment they may think I have ripped them off and that a week later they will be telling people I have ripped them off but that after 3 weeks they will be feeling really bad as they see the fading start.

I hope that helps a bit at least and good luck with your removal.


I have had 2 tattoos removed. The first took about 13 or 14 treatments but should have been done quicker because for about 4 of those sessions I had the same nurse do them and I don’t think she was very aggressive with the power.
The second tattoos has faded nicely after about 4 treatments but you can still see it. I’ll probably need a few more to get it removed completely.

I paid $100 per inch and each time the price went down by $25 but never fell below $100. It’s expensive as hell. I didn’t normally blister or anything. Honestly that’s not too good for your skin if you blister and bleed alot. You don’t want some ugly scar left.


also waiting longer in between sessions does help. it gives your body more time to kick out the ink. but it’s a trade off since it will take alot longer to remove.

i tried the topical anethestic cream and didn’t find it helped. Just know that as the ink fades so does the pain in getting the tattoo removed. less ink = less pain.

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