I have a new tattoo on my wrist and unfortunately it contains a spelling error (totally my mistake). In order to correct it, a short (about half centimeter) thin line needs to be deleted. It’s a very small job really, perhaps I shouldn’t even bother but a misspelled tattoo really embarrasses me

    . I went to a tattoo removal studio here in Bali today and they said that it will be very easy. The owner is an Australian guy who came across as quite abrupt and impatient. At some point he asked me “did you ask so many questions when you had the tattoo done?” Anyway, apart from his manner, there are few things that made me worry:

    1. They said they also offer the R20 method which is supposed to be like 4 sessions in 1. The price they quoted was about 20 dollars per session for the R20 method and 7 dollars for the traditional method. It is very cheap indeed compared to western countries but then again Bali in general is a lot cheaper than Australia or the US. The owner told me that it would be a lot more expensive for a bigger tattoo.
    2. They said there is no risk of infection and I won’t need to apply any cremes afterwards except for immediately after the session. They said that’s because the bit I want to remove is so tiny. They said that in all these years they only had one case of blistering. Is it indeed that uncommon?
    3. The tattoo was only done yesterday but at the removal studio they offered to do the first removal session today. When I asked if we should wait for the tattoo to heal first they said it doesn’t matter.
    4. They recommended 4 weeks between sessions. Shouldn’t it be at least 6?

    Does it sound legit to you? On Google most reviews are positive but I don’t know if they are reliable. Am I paranoid? I worry that it won’t work or worse still, it may leave a scar.


    Thank you for any advice and apologies for the long post.

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