Hi Everyone,

I’m looking to get a tattoo on each foot but was looking for some advice and experience please. I currently have 2 tattoos, one on my lower back and one on my left hip. I really love that I see the one on my hip on a daily basis, I have frequently forgotten about the one on my back! Haha! Hence why I would like them on my feet.

I pretty much know what I want, although open to different suggestions which may work better with where I want them. 🙂

I want them in this kind of place, below my ankle. (One on each of course)

One I would like the logo for the band Halestorm (see below)

And the other I would like a bass clef and maybe a music stave and some notes coming out of it, similar but not exactly like this. With the bass cleff underneath my ankle bone and the music going across the top of my foot.

I was just wondering if there is anything in particular I would need to consider about foot tattoos (not bothered about the pain of getting it done, I know its not going to ‘tickle’ haha)

I do various forms of dancing and go the gym frequently. I am assuming I would need to cut these right down, or potentially stop altogether for a few weeks before starting again? Unless there would be some way which I would be able to continue, while still protecting my tattoos? In particular the dancing I can’t really stop as easily as I compete on a regular basis.

Also, would I need to get them separately? As in not both feet at the same time?

Any help and advice greatly appreciated.

Kate 🙂



There are several brands of a self adhesive covering for fresh tattoos. Tegaderm, Saniderm, and Tatu-Derm are the ones I’m familiar with. You can apply this wrap and even go swimming.
With such a product you should only have a minor disruption of your schedule. Check with your tattoo shop for availability, or use Amazon.

Good luck, keep us posted.

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