Joseph Andrew Halsted

I got a tattoo on February 13th. It was suppose to say “Dream Impossible Dreams”. He drew up the tattoo for me in cursive, and it looked good to me. After he was done, all I did was look in a mirror. From what I could see it looked good. Until I got home and had a a friend take a pic of it for me. And it looks like it says “Dream Impossible Dreamy” which makes no sense. I did tell the guy I did want it to have a swoop underneith the word and everything coming off of the S at the end. So this is what it looks like. All I see now is “Dream Impossible Dreamy.” Can anybody think of a way to fix this to where it looks like it says dreams? I have been editing this picture to make it look like it does say “Dreams” with a photo editor app that I can draw on the picture. But I can’t seem to draw anything that looks right. I am going back in 4 weeks to have him touch it up, so I am trying to find a way to fix this.image1%202_zps4rpxlyl1.jpg



I don’t know what to recommend to fix it, but this is a classic example of why I recommend NO TEXT for tattoos.

Perhaps a laser treatment or so.


Yes I would agree on the laser it looks like Dreary to me maybe extend up the end of the Y up and curve it to the right but it will look funny. Sorry this happened to you


Oh, man. I read it as Dreary too. You are kind of stuck with using the same ‘s’ as in impossible, and that means that the swoop wil be before the end of the word.

I guess you have learned the hard way to really take a good long look at a stencil before it is a tattoo. Sucks though, sorry.

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