I just wanted a bit of advice really. I’m in the middle on getting a back/side piece done. I’ve done two sessions of about 5 hours and I have my next one this Friday. The first session was fine, I coped well, but the second, I was in agony from the start! I mean it really hurt, so much so that after only 30 mins I was feeling sick and woozy. So much so that I was thinking “Im never getting tattood again!” in my mind ๐Ÿ˜› So now I’m dreading my next session ๐Ÿ™

I just wanted to know if sometimes you can just have a bad day where it hurts more? Anything to put my mind at ease! I got quite ill the few days after with a heavy cold, so I’m wondering if that had anything to do with it? Any advice would really be appreciated.



pain can vary in just a couple inches,and yes,IMO pain can be dealt with differently from day to day,putting yourself in the right frame of mind is really important IMO,dealing with the pain is 90% mental for me.

before the second session,did you sleep well the night before ? did you eat a good meal before the tattoo ? did you pre-hydrate the 24 hours leading up to the tattoo ? did you drink alcohol the night before ? did you eat sugars(M&M’s/Skittles,etc,etc ) during the tattoo ?(this is REALLY important IMO)

and how long did you wait between the sessions ?

all these can have huge effects on how you feel during the tattoo,you need to also prepare mentally.

btw,pretty fuckin’ cool tattoo and welcome to the forums.


For continuing a tattoo I like to have three weeks in between sessions. Your skin may look healed on the outside, but deeper down your skin is still stressed.

Nice tattoo!


Make sure you are well rested,hydrated and fed before going. Skipping one of these can lead to a miserable session


Man you guys have it made. I work third shift and NEVER get a good nights sleep before a session and they generally start at my bedtime. It sucks. Power thru!

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