I had some work done 16 days ago. Everything seems to be healing just fine except for a few spots in the red. There are a few small, raised areas within the red shading. They are not itchy or causing any pain, but they’re definitely noticeable. This is concerning as I do not know what they are/ why they are there??

Any advice or similar experiences? Is this something I should be concerned about? My artists wants to wait it out another week and see if they go away.. Im kinda freaking out..

I have pics but figure out how to post..I could also use some help with that ha…



Your link isn’t working. But, some people have allergy issues with some brands of red ink. If it is a mild allergy it may just take longer to heal. If it is a worse allergy the ink could be rejected by your body. If there isn’t any itch, pain, swelling, oozing etc. then give it some time.


yep ! red ink can be troublesome,red ink does not heal on me as fast as the other colors do either.


Red ink is tough sometimes. It’s a slow heal, but usually comes out okay.

Give it a few month’s. Keep us posted.


Im still having problems in a red patch from back on halloween. Still having trouble with it. Raised irritated, it gets ashy and is super sensitive. It was fusion ink dont know the actual shade. I just keep my fingers crossed every time i get red now.

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