Hi to everyone i am new to the forum.
I got a tattoo 3 weeks ago is not my first tattoo but is the first time working with the artist.
The tattoo feels like a 3D tattoo and it is really shiny, my other tattoos have healed nicely.
Please help any input would be greatly appreciated.



Looks pretty normal to me, Give it a little while.


Yeah I’ve had tattoos completely heal in 3 weeks and some have taken up to 2 months. My shin is nothing but bone. No meat whatsoever and my shin took forever to heal. I had doubts during the healing process if I would scar but with enough time it all evened out. Just be patient and don’t pick at it!


Don’t pick it, don’t scratch it, use a non scented moisturiser when needed to keep your skin nice and just leave it alone. It will be fine.


Hey all. I am new to the forums. I joined in hopes of finding answers to this exact problem. The difference for me is it is my wife and I both and it has been over two months. Hers is worse than mine but they are both raised up and very itchy and tender to the touch. We got matching ring tattoo’s. We can’t wear our wedding bands because they irritate our fingers so bad.

I can understand something this big and only after 3 weeks but is it to be expected after more than 2 months and something so small?
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I can post picks if necissary.


I accidently reported my own thread… Anyway…
My wife and I got matching ring tattoo’s. It’s been over two months and ours look the same. Not nearly as big obviously but they are raised up, itchy and painful. We are unable to wear our wedding rings because of swelling and irritation.
It has been years since my last tattoo but I’m pretty sure I have never had this problem. I’ll add photos if needed if someone explains to me how… lol
Any I’m put or advice would be appreciated.

Thanks all.

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