Alright. So I have a completed full sleeve on my left arm, traditional japanese dragon sleeve with water and some peonies.

I just had my whole left rib panel lined, hannya mask, snake, and koi.

Here’s my question. The dragon on my arm has blue scales and an orange stomach. I assume that it makes sense that the koi should then also be blue, no? With that said, I think having the mask as a pale blue color would be too much, and I’m not particularly fond of the idea of a red mask either. I couldn’t find much about the symbolism of snake colors either, so I’m looking for suggestions there as well. Would it make sense like, at all if the koi were a different color? maybe black? Or should I basically just stick to blue because of the dragon’s color?

Any input appreciated.


purple and black


I dont know if you posted a picture becuase i cant see, but if your existing dragon is a theme of blue and orange, then you can eaily spread that across the new piece on your ribs if that what you want to do. You dont want a black fish… it will look like a blob, use variations of blues/greens/purples if you dont want red, these are all similar on the colour scale but i would use really really light blues, yellows and oranges to break it up and stop it looking so dark and over powering. An orange koi is a happy koi maybe look into it to break up the blues?

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